Falk School of Sustainability and Environment

Chatham University

One of the earliest schools of its kind in the country, the Falk School is a wellspring for leadership and education to overcome current and future sustainability challenges. The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment is inspired by the work of Chatham alumna Rachel Carson ’29, whose knowledge about the environment and passion to preserve it are traits that drive the mission of the school. The academic programs in the Falk School are dedicated to producing professional sustainability leaders.

Department/Institute/Unit: Falk School of Sustainability and Environment
Institution: Chatham University
City: Pittsburgh
Country: United States
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Program Leader(s): N/A
Point(s) of Contact: Kate Sheridan
Contact Email(s): k.sheridan@chatham.edu
Year Initiated: N/A
Currently Active: Yes
Program Scale: Department
Participant Model: Cohort Based
Participant Eligibility: Master’s Student
Time Commiment for Participants: Less than 10 hours
Requirements for Participation: N/A
Application Frequency: None
Application Process: N/A
Program Recruitment Strategies: N/A
Cost to Participant: Yes
Funding or Support Available to Participants: Yes
Amount or Types of Support Available to Participants (if applicable): N/A
Mentorship Model: N/A
Number of Participants in Program: 30-39
How Program is Funded: Internal, Public Grants, Private Grants
Other Program Partners: N/A
Number of Program Staff: 10
Is the Program Credit Bearing or Credentialing: Yes
Is there a Program Evaluation Conducted: N/A
Type(s) of Evaluation(s) Conducted: N/A