Global Sustainability Scholars Program

University of Colorado Boulder

Global Sustain+Ability Scholars program trains and supports rising young professionals from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and worldviews. We are a professional community, working on global sustainable development challenges that face communities and environments.

We bring together the brightest undergraduate students and young professionals from under-represented groups to work with leading scientists on critical sustainability challenges that face communities and environments in the future. This effort spans cultures, borders and disciplines.

Department/Institute/Unit: Research and Innovation Office/Sustainability and Innovation Lab at Colorado
Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
City: Boulder
Country: United States
State/Province: Colorado
Program Leader(s): Kirsten Rowell
Point(s) of Contact: María Fernanda Enríquez Szentkirályi
Contact Email(s):
Year Initiated: 2018
Currently Active: Yes
Program Scale: National
Participant Model: Cohort Based
Participant Eligibility: Master’s Student
Time Commiment for Participants: 60+ hours
Requirements for Participation: US Citizen; Sustainability focused; Bachelors degree completed in the past 4yrs; Enrolled in accredited college.
Application Frequency: Yearly
Application Process: Online application (short essays, unofficial transcripts, two letters of recommendation – one from graduate advisor).
Program Recruitment Strategies: N/A
Cost to Participant: No
Funding or Support Available to Participants: N/A
Amount or Types of Support Available to Participants (if applicable): Stipend and funding to travel and lodging at host site
Mentorship Model: Research mentors
Number of Participants in Program: 10-19
How Program is Funded: Public Grants
Other Program Partners: N/A
Number of Program Staff: 3
Is the Program Credit Bearing or Credentialing: No
Is there a Program Evaluation Conducted: Yes
Type(s) of Evaluation(s) Conducted: An external evaluator is hired. Both quantitative and quantitative data are collected

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