MIT Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

At the time of the founding of the Martin Family Fellowship in 1997, Mrs. Geri Martin, as then president of the Martin Foundation, made this comment: “The thought of MIT committing a portion of its mental might to solving some of earth’s environmental problems inspired this gift. My husband and I hope our commitment will encourage others to support MIT as it seeks to establish important connections between people and disciplines, both nationally and internationally.”

Department/Institute/Unit: Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI)
Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
City: Cambridge
Country: United States
State/Province: Massachusetts
Program Leader(s): Sarah Meyers
Point(s) of Contact: Sarah Meyers
Contact Email(s):
Year Initiated: 1992
Currently Active: Yes
Program Scale: Campus
Participant Model: Cohort Based
Participant Eligibility: Ph.D. Student
Time Commiment for Participants: 11-20 hours
Requirements for Participation: See:
Application Frequency: N/A
Application Process: See:
Program Recruitment Strategies: Through inter-campus communications and across all academic departments
Cost to Participant: No
Funding or Support Available to Participants: Yes
Amount or Types of Support Available to Participants (if applicable): Selected fellows are awarded two semesters of full funding as a research assistant (tuition + stipend).
Mentorship Model: None (?)
Number of Participants in Program: 10-19
How Program is Funded: Internal
Other Program Partners: None
Number of Program Staff: 1
Is the Program Credit Bearing or Credentialing: No
Is there a Program Evaluation Conducted: No
Type(s) of Evaluation(s) Conducted: N/A